We Rescued a Bunny!

What do you like to do after school or work ends for the day? If it’s nice out, I usually like to go for a walk with my dogs. Today, however, I decided to wander around the garden and see what was blooming and what little creatures might be stirring in the flowers and under the leaves.

I didn’t expect to find this little creature.

A baby bunny with its tummy full of milk…and very sleepy.

The poor little mite had been plucked out of its nest by Pippi, one of my two dogs. The bunny squeaked, and Pippi dropped it in surprise. That gave me just enough time to scoop it up. As soon as it felt the warmth of my hand, the little bunny curled up to go back to sleep.

I quickly took its picture and tucked it back into its nest. The nest was a swirl of grass padded with rabbit fur. Another little bunny was fast asleep in the nest, and this one quickly crawled back in to snooze next to its sibling.

The dogs, of course, were eagerly watching and waiting their chance to take the bunny out again. So my husband shooed them into the house, and together we built a weird contraption out of garden stakes, chairs, and an old parakeet cage. It will let Mama Rabbit in, but keep out curious dogs. At least, it will keep them out long enough for us to barge in and protect the rabbits if the dogs try to get through this barrier.

Sleep well, bunnies!

Keep out, doggies! Bunnies sleeping…do not disturb.